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_National Rifle Association


The National Rifle Association has been fighting for our 2nd amendment rights for many years.  I personally am a NRA Life Member, Business Alliance Member, NRA Instructor and a NRA Recruiter.  

If you have any questions about the NRA, I would be happy to discuss them with you.  When you decide to join or renew your membership use this link or see us here at Precision.  It would be our honor to assist you and this organization.


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_Wise Foods Inc.

Are you prepared for anything?  These products should be part of your emergency preparation.  With a 25 year shelf life and packaging that makes it easy to get up and go or to stand your ground. 

I have several levels of emergency food from beans & rice to canned vegetables but these products are part of my short and long term survival food.


_Go Daddy

I used Go Daddy to register my domain name and to build this website.  I chose Go Daddy because it was highly recommended by someone I trusted as an expert in the industry.  

I pretty much am the opposite of an expert on websites but I have found the experience with Go Daddy to be rewarding.  If you desire to build an on-line presence for business or pleasure, check them out through the link above.