The original school/range provided the TN Handgun Carry Permit Course for over ten years.  Glenn provided great training in a picturesque location.  "The Hollow"

In 2011 negotiations started for a new owner to take over the property and business.  Formed as Precision Defense Tactics, the new school started operations in the beginning of 2012.  The new owner, Rock, brought the expertise to expand the training to include the TN HCP, NRA Pistol/Rifle/Personal Protection, Marksmanship and Custom Advanced Courses.

Second only to SAFETY, our primary goal is to set a relaxing/retreat like environment that still provides professional training with maximum learning impact.

The School is a TN Department of Safety Approved TN Handgun Carry Permit School and all instructors carry TN, NRA and in some cases GLOCK instructor certifications.


Courses offered

TN Handgun Carry Permit  (HCP)

(1 day 8hr course_$85. Investment)

  Upon successful completion of this course you will be awarded the official State of Tennessee certificate.  Achieving this certification is the first step required to start your application for the Handgun Carry Permit.  (MORE INFO TN HCP)

NRA Pistol, Rifle and In Home Protection

  NRA courses are taught by NRA certified instructors and with NRA materials.  Upon successful completion of a course you will be awarded a NRA Certificate for the Course signed by the Instructor.   Courses offered at this time are First Steps Pistol, Basic Pistol, First Steps Rifle, Basic Rifle and Personal Protection In Home.  Click the highlight for any course above to see more information about a specific class. 

Custom and Advanced Defense Courses

    We offer personal  and group custom training sessions, Basic Marksmanship, Defensive Shotgun, and Handgun Defense Tactics Continuing Education.  Click the highlighted title above for more information about a specific class. 


Refuseto be a Victim

    We are working in the community to make these seminars available in the near future.  Will advise when available for you business, group or the public. 

Precision Defense Tactics Certification For TN Handgun Carry Permit

(931) 424-0064

555 Beaver View Ln, CornersvilleTennessee 37047, United States




SEMINARS offered

your group or open to the public

School owner, Rock McLaughlin, is a retired Army Senior NCO and Retired Army Contractor that has enjoyed many years as a Trainer, Training Developer and Training Manager. 

"I was privileged to provide and develop training for the US Army and Marine Corp on everything from the 1911 pistol to thermal scopes (on the Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW)) and engineering support and training management during Army Aviation's revival of High Frequency (HF) Radio Communications. Repeated trips into Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Honduras, Korea and other "interesting" locations have given me the greatest respect for the individuals in the United States Military. "

Never Forget!

 LCPL Jordan Haerter Your family will have our families prayers forever.

I will never forget Easy 40  or Red River 44 and the many more that sacrificed all in service of this country.